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Dalrymple sobre buenas maneras

Nuevo mes, nuevo artículo de Theodore Dalrymple para la New English Review. Trata de los efectos corruptores del estatismo. Alcanzan lugares insospechados.

No feudal lord ever demanded more of his serf’s time or product than the British state now demands of its subjects: indeed, if he did, he would have provoked an immediate peasants’ revolt. Just as in the overpopulated parts of Nigeria the rule is ‘If it moves, eat it,’ such that there is hardly any bush-meat left, so in Britain the rule is, ‘If it moves, tax it.’ Even if you are not directly employed by the state in Britain, you spend almost half your working time working for it. This is what the French newspapers, as lazily incurious and ill-informed about Britain as the British newspapers are about France, call ‘savage liberalism.’

And just as under feudalism the feudal lord was supposed to provide protection to his vassals as a quid pro quo for their labour or the product of their labour, so the state is supposed to protect (and educate, cure, insure and amuse, among other things) its dependants. Other countries, of course, are not very dissimilar in principle from Britain, though their feudal states may in practice be somewhat more efficient, and less morally and intellectually corrupt, than Britain’s.

It is hardly surprising that so great a change in the organisation of society should have produced a great change in the manners and general culture of society (though of course it is possible that the causative relationship, if any, runs also in the other direction, in what one might call a dialectical fashion). Just how great that change has been is detectable in small things as in great.

The Pleasures of Perfidy

Vista de Delft. Vermeer


Tres Recomendaciones (Una Exposición y Dos Revistas)

Jean Siméon Chardin en el Prado

Dificil, inalcanzable simplicidad.

Reseña en “Hoy es Arte


The New Criterion [ENG]

Con artículos sobre el Cardenal Newman, sobre Chatwin y “On Valhalla’s Doorstep“, escrito por un tal Anthony Daniels, que no es sino Theodore Dalrymple usando su propio nombre como pseudónimo.

Ya a la venta (e-Pub-PDF-Papel) el ejemplar de Marzo.


The New English Review [ENG]

Con artículos sobre Obama, sobre Gangs of New York de Scorsese y “Of Termites and Mad Dictators“, escrito por un tal Theodore Dalrymple, usando su verdadero pseudónimo.

Un Cesto de Ciruelas- Chardin

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Dalrymple explica la crisis.

Y como era de esperar lo hace mejor que nadie: Irlanda es el microcosmos de la crisis global.


If you want to study the economic crisis of the last few years, go to Ireland, where you will find it in its purest form. Ireland is a small country, with a population of just 4.4 million, and the connection between clientelistic politics, bankers’ cupidity, and the mass psychology of bubble markets is easiest to comprehend there.

Dotted around the country, outside of almost every town and sometimes in the middle of nowhere, are housing estates—completed, half-completed, and never-to-be-completed—which are unsaleable, will almost certainly never be inhabited, and are destined to fall into graceless ruins. Some 300,000 new dwellings now stand empty in the Irish Republic, a number whose equivalent in the United States would be approximately 21 million.


Leer completo How the Irish Bubble burst

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Dalrymple sobre Berlusconi

Nuevo mes, nuevo artículo de Theodore Dalrymple en la New English Review. Este mes se acerca, con toda precaución, a Berlusconi [ENG]


It seems that the Italian electorate, or at least a large part of it, admires Berlusconi precisely because he cocks a snook, if not at authority precisely (as Prime minister he is, after all, an important authority himself), at least at orthodoxy. He has escaped into a realm where he does not have to obey anyone or care what anyone thinks of what he says and does. And who among us has never dreamt of being in that situation? Berlusconi lives out the fantasies of millions of his compatriots; they think that he is the only really free man in Italy, and as he is self-made, they can dream of being like him.


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Dalrymple: males comparables

En su artículo de enero en la New English Review Theodore Dalrymple se pregunta si es posible pesar, medir y comparar el mal realizado. ¿Es peor Mao llevando a la muerte por inanición a 45 millones de compatriotas o Ian Huntley, que viola y mata a dos niñas de 12 años?


Evil be Thou my Evil

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Dalrymple sobre el valor de las palabras

The older I grow, the more wisdom I see in the Confucian dictum that the correct use of words is the key to the restoration of the health of a polity.


Leer completo en el City Journal: “When predators don’t prey”


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